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Linas Spukas

Hi there! My name is Linas Spukas, I am a full stack web developer and this is my blog. About stuff and things... in development. Enjoy.

The Advantages of Mentoring

September 22, 2019

Why you should consider mentoring

4 Ways to useEffect()

September 15, 2019

Use React effect to its potential

Create Serverless API for HTML Scraping

September 08, 2019

Serveless API with Zeit Now that scrapes HTML document using Axios and Cheerio.

Create Serverless API With Zeit Now

September 01, 2019

Jump on the serverless function bandwagon and create your first API in just a couple of steps.

Auto Deployments With Gatsby + Now + GitHub

August 25, 2019

Make project deployments a breeze by automating them with Gatsby, Now and Github.

3 Reasons to useReducer() over useState()

August 18, 2019

useReducer() or useState()? Let's dive into it and figure out.

React.useMemo() for Optimisation

August 11, 2019

Perform code optimisations with React.useMemo()

Avoid Unnecessary Rendering for Function Components in React

August 02, 2019

How to use React.memo() to avoid unnecesarry rendering.

Moving Arguments from Child to Parent Component in React

July 28, 2019

How to move arguments between child and parent components in React

How To Keep Improving Programming Skills

July 18, 2019

Simple tips to keep learning and improving.

How To Write Your First ESLint Plugin

July 14, 2019

Simple way of creating an ESLint Plugin.

How to Do a Remote Workshop for Your Teammates

July 07, 2019

How to prepare and lead a remote tech workshop for your teammates.

5 Tips for How to Breakpoint Something You Love

June 30, 2019

This article is not about love nor about breaking things, but the methods to debug your code more efficient.